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Right lads, so here"s the deal.

Not so much of good news I"m afraid. As of now, Bellum Imperi"s development is again on hold. The reason: A fried motherboard / processor. The hard drive is fine so all files are still there, it"s just the motherboard that needs replacing.

Now the issue is that prevents me from moving on and ordering a new motherboard/processor is that the money just isn"t there for it at the moment, real life events are on the top of my piority list. Hence why it will have to wait for at least a couple of months.
(Small note; I won"t accept donations for this, even though the thought of it is highly appreciated. It"s my fault so I"m the one paying for it)

My appologies for the late responds to all questions of late, development will eventually continue and I sincerly do hope to be able to at least release the next update before Bannerlord.

If there are any questions, feel free to ask me.

Stay tuned lads. Don"t be afraid, I won"t let you down!

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Hello mod followers and supporters!

So it"s been more then a month since the last update and as you can see when you look at the previews. Development never ceased on the next version 0.4. As always, I"m working on my own so this means that development of a new version takes time. But let"s put that aside for now and fixture us a major change that will occur in the next version. Which will affect the Roman factions.

Regional Recruitment (Content)

In the new version, the Roman factions will get quite a change when it comes to the kind of troops that can be recruited in villages. As of now, Bellum Imperii is going to be taking a different approach and a more interesting one at that. (In my opinion that is)

It is as follows, as we all know. In history, the Roman Empire"s army consisted of Romans citizens or farmers. But in any case, Romans. These formed the main levies of a Legion. Obviously there were Auxiliaries that were added to the legions, but the men of these Auxiliaries were recruited from the provinces beyond Italy. (Hope I described that a bit alright :p) Anyway, to the point. This is how it"s going to be in version 0.4 as well.

Players will no longer be able to recruit roman levies that can be upgraded to legionnaires in the villages that are beyond Italy"s borders. These will only be available for recruitment in Italy itself of course, so. If the player wants legionaires, it has to recruit in Italy or at some other places where they will be available. (There will be a couple of places outside Italy, still have to think on where these would be).

Because of this major change, there will be quite a few additional "small" troop trees to accommodate this change. Here a list of territories that will have their own troop trees as of now:

- Egypt
- Spain
- Illyria
- Gaul
- Britannia
- Greece/Macedonia
- Thracia/Sarmatia
- Minor-Asia (Turkey)
- North Africa
- Crete
- Rhodes

So that was it for this blog, let me know your thoughts/feedback and any suggestions are as always. Highly appreciated!

- Gokiller

Bellum Imperii, Dev Blog I

Bellum Imperii, Dev Blog I

News 0 comments

It"s been a long time since I"ve done any dev blogs, so it"s time for one!

A new forum! (Sign up!)

A new forum! (Sign up!)

News 0 comment

From now on I"ll be mostly active on this new forum. Under our own Bellum Imperii section. Want to stay in contact, post bug reports, suggestions or wanna...

The Issue: Ai using no shields

The Issue: Ai using no shields

News 0 comments

So with the 0.1 the apparent "Roman Ai doesn"t use their shields" is still at large at least for some. Here some information regarding the problem.

Bellum Imperii: What

Bellum Imperii: What"s next?

News 0 comments

Time to reveal what future hotfixes and patches will bring you after the recent 0.0 release!

RSS Files
Bellum Imperii 0.3 [Full Version]

Bellum Imperii 0.3 [Full Version]

Full Version 00 comments

There we have it then! 0.3 Released! Check the changelog for the latest changes and please take note to what"s being said below the changelog. Not every...

Bellum Imperii 0.21 (Hotfix)

Bellum Imperii 0.21 (Hotfix)

Patch 07 comments

Been having a break from modding in general, but here a small hotfix-patch that should solve some of the current issues that can be encountered in 0.2...

Bellum Imperii 0.2

Bellum Imperii 0.2

Full Version 00 comments

0.2 Released! A Standalone update! No previous installations are required in order for this to work. Simply unpack in your warband/modules folder and...

Bellum Imperii 0.11 (Hotfix)

Bellum Imperii 0.11 (Hotfix)

Patch 0 comments

Worked my way around the current Ai shield using bug. The ai will use shields again but the formations won"t all work at the moment. This was the only...

Bellum Imperii 0.1

Bellum Imperii 0.1

Full Version 05 comments

0.1 will contain various bug fixes, changes and some new features/items. Do take in mind that there is still a lot to be done. This patch mainly focused...

Bellum Imperii 0.0

Bellum Imperii 0.0

Full Version 000 comments

Here it is! After a long year with ups and downs with the development the 0.0 has finally arrived! Please do note, that due to a lack of time for proper...

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hi how can i change from barbarian regilion to roman in a large city

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In Viking Conquest in the castle/great hall, there is a preacher but idk in this.

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Hi. This mod is great. I would like to ask: can you add a lorica segmentata with manica and a praetorian segmentata with manica?
En.wikipedia.org (armguard)

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And can you also add lorica musculata?

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Hey, I was wondering if you can add in the next update that you can start as lord that already exist"s and a king that already exist"s like in Hispania 0200, Check it and take this thing out of it and add in this mod please by the way how do i add it? because your motherboard is broken or something so i might do it myself.

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Does someone know how to fix the red praetorian helmet? it has the same texture as the purple one so it dont fit to my lorica segmentata. Thats the only thing which really bothers me.

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Is there a ranking system? like become the head of a nation like Gaius Julius Ceasar did by climbing up the rank"s and i mean like start off as centurion or something and become the highest military rank and after it become the ceasar and if it is not a feature than can it be added or will it be added?

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Wheres the updated troop tree for god"s sake you *****

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